Thursday, September 20, 2012

Idioms Used In Conversations

English Idioms Dalam Percakapan Sehari-hari

Bahasa Inggris kaya akan ungkapan idioms. Untuk itu percakapan umumnya mengandung idiomatic expressions. Perlu saya tekankan lagi di sini bahwa idiom adalah ungkapan yang terdiri lebih dari 1 kata yang tidak bisa diterjemahkan kata per kata. Rangkaian kata itu merupakan satu kesatuan arti. Pelajarilah idiom dalam bahasa Inggris dalam kontek percakapan baik itu percakapan formil maupun informal.
Ungkapan idiom akan saya tulis tebal sehingga Anda bisa membedakannya dengan yang bukan idiom.

John: I've tried to open the door with this key several times but to no avail.
Mira: I think we have to break the door as a last resort ( as a last resort=sebagai jalan terakhir).
Lutfi: Linda, you shouldn't have made a scene like that. Weren't you ashamed of yourself? (Linda, seharusnya kamu tidak bikin keributan seperti itu. Apakah kamu tidak malu?
Linda: Sorry. I lost my head. (Maaf saya khilaf.)
Cut your coat according to your cloth = Belanja sesuai dengan kemampuan (jangan besar pasak daripada tiang).
Lutfi : You spend more than you earn. You'd better cut your coat according to your cloth.

No wonder = pantesan
John: Have you heard that Susan has been promoted?
Pitra: No, I haven't heard about it. No wonder she looked very happy when I met her yesterday.

Fitri  : Lutfi has moved to Kaltim for ever.
Yan  : Really? When did he move there?
Fitri  : 3 months ago.
Yan  : No wonder I haven't seen him for the last three months.

Lutfi : You said that you were going to pick her up at the airport. (Katanya mau jemput dia di airport)
Budy: I've changed my mind (Gak Jadi).


Mary: You look rather sick. Are you alright?
John : Yes, I am fine. I am just a little bit off color, today.
Mary : You’ll be better off taking a rest for a while. Let me take turns driving.
John: Well, if you insist, I think I need to take forty winks. Thank you.
Off color = Tidak enak badan/ kurang sehat
Better off = lebih baik, baikan
Take turns = bergantian
Forty winks = tidur sejenak


Traveler: Excuse me. Is there a flight to Manado this afternoon?
Travel Agent: Yes, Sir. There are two flights. The first one, Garuda, takes off at 2:30 pm and the last one, Batavia, leaves at 5:30. Which flight is your ticket for?
Traveler:  I’ve got one for tomorrow morning. Is it still possible for me to change my ticket to a ticket for today’s flight? My wife’s rung me up to tell me that I’ll have to be in Manado this evening.
Travel Agent:  Let me find out if there is one seat left for you. Great!. There’s still one left for you. Will 2:30 flight suit you fine, Sir?
Traveler: Well, either one will do me fine. Thank you
Travel Agent: You will be surcharged 20% of the cost of your ticket. Will that be fine?
Traveler:  No problem.

Take off = berangkat, tinggal landas
Ring someone up = Menelpon seseorang
Find out = mencari tahu, mendapatkan informasi
Suit someone fine = cocok, sesuai (dengan yang diinginkan)
Do someone fine = Bisa diterima; oke


Fitri: Have you made up your mind about getting married this year?
Lutfi: I am afraid so.I know it is not easy to find a suitable better half  but I am sure I'll find the one I am really hung up on.
Fitri: How come you are so sure you'll find the right one? You have to go steady with her for some time till you are sure she is the one you'll pop the question.
Lutfi : I agree with you about it but I am sure she's the right one.

made up your mind = bulat hati untuk......
To be hung up on somebody = Sangat menyukai seseorang
How come = Why
Go stetady = berpacaran
pop the question = melamar

Brown noser = orang yang suka cari muka.
John: I don't understand how Dave  could borrow Jane's car easily.
Peter: Don't you know that Dave is a brown noser. He often flatters a lot.