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Kombinasi Kata Benda dan Kata Kerja (Past Participle Form)

Dalam bahasa Inggris kata benda sering juga digabungkan dengan kata kerja past participle untuk membentuk kata sifat yang menjelaskan kata benda. Jadi posisinya sama dengan kata sifat biasa yang berfungsi sebagai noun modifier.

Kata benda yang digabung dengan kata kerja tersebut dihubungi dengan tanda strip (-) seperti berikut:

  • wind-damaged (rusak karena angin)
  • bullet-wounded (luka karena peluru)
  • dust-covered (tertutup debu)
  • wall-protected (terlindung oleh tembok)
dan masih banyak contoh-contoh lain yang dapat Anda buat. Jika dimasukkan dalam kalimat menjadi seperti berikut:
  • Look at those wind-damaged houses over there. (Kata wind-damaged menerangkan houses.)
  • He showed me his  bullet-wounded shoulder.
  • Why do you have all these dust-covered tables?
  • All villagers here have wall-protected houses.
  • This hand-made wallet is very expensive.
Agar Anda dapat memahami penggunaanya, coba Anda kerjakan latihan sebagai berikut:
Buatlah kombinasi kata benda dan kata kerja dalam bentuk past participle:
  1. The wind blew very hard, causing houses to be damaged. The ............houses are now being repaired.
  2. Hunger struck many children. ........................children were taken to hospital.
  3. The thieves finally died. The bullets hit their heads when they ran away. The ..................thieves are now being investigated.
  4. The house has been left for a long time. Dust has covered all furniture. The owner of the house has asked somebody to move all the
  5. The car has been decorated with flower. Don't you think it is strange to see a
  6. Pour the medicine to the cutton then apply ..................... cotton to the affected area twice or three times a day.
  7. This house is equipped with cameras in all directions. The belongs to a tycoon living next to my house.
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